Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sun Light Gives Me Hope!

I may not have dirt like the others, but sunlight gives me hope. I may not be in a big pot or in a yard to roam free, but sunlight gives me hope. As long as I have water, sunlight gives me hope.

Never Enough!

Serve the people and I will be rewarded. I will be rewarded with a guaranteed bus pass, government assistant, and living in poverty. My children will be afforded the opportunity to go to the worst schools in the system and if they are lucky, they will be the first in the family to receive a GED. $2.13 for serving you is NEVER enough!

My Father Loves Me!

My father loves me. He stands behind me and guides me. He cares for me and keep me close to him. He is my rock, my solid place to stand. My father, I know he will be here for me.


Get a GOOD education is what I have always heard. I will spend the next twenty years paying back money for that GOOD education to get the GOOD job I don't have and can't get. Tuition is too damn high. One thing for sure, I have a GOOD education! Can I help the next in line please?

The Long Road Home!

The long road home that will lead me to you.

The Light Is For You!

The light is for you. It's my beckon to bring you back to me. I will sit there waiting and watching for your return. The light is for you, please come home to me.

Sunrise With You!

I love to wake up and see the sunrise with you. To see the amber glow on your skin and the twinkle in your eyes warms my heart. I want to wake up and see many sunrises with you.

When The Details Matter!

You are the Apple of my eye.

I'll Be Home For Valentine's Day!

I'll be home for Valentine's Day to share my heart with you.

I'll Be Coming Around The Bend!

I will be coming around the bend to get home to you. I will be looking forward to coffee and cake as I snuggle with you around the fireplace whispering sweet nothings and watch you smile. I will be coming home to you.

Orange and You!

She says Orange is her favorite color. She like the warmth and glow that she wears with orange.

I'm HaPpY! HaPpY! HaPpY! in Atlanta!

When I am awaken by the early morning sun light on a cloudy day, I love Atlanta. I look out the window and say, Hello World!

I Know You By Heart My Dear!

If I never see your face, I will always know you by heart.